Monday, March 12, 2012

random monday {for the brides}

If you've been visiting this little space of mine for some time now, you already know about my wedding obsession. If you're a married friend of mine, you've witnessed it first hand. And if you're an unmarried friend of mine, you know I am planning your future wedding... even if there is not a groom in place as of yet.

So since I haven't mentioned it lately, this one's for the brides.

{ images via green wedding shoes }
We didn't have any little ones at our wedding... but if I had? They would carry adorable little heart arrows. No doubt.

{ image via elizabeth messina }
Probably should be a mandatory wedding picture.

{ dress via jill sander // image via vogue }
Dear unmarried friends, I would be wiling to wear this Jill Sander dress as a bridesmaids dress in your wedding. I mean, if you reeeeeaaaaaally wanted me to. I guess I could do that for you...
You're buying, right? 

{ image via green wedding shoes }
I am all for brides in gold glitter and grooms in some riding boots.

{ image via inspired by this }
Why, oh why, did I not wear a veil like this at my wedding??? Sigh.
I think I need one, for ya know, like a Tuesday or something...

{ image via once wed }
Speaking of fabulous headpieces...

Yes, I know I'm married. But that doesn't seem to stop the obsession...

Matrimonially preoccupied,


  1. you can definitely plan my wedding! (well, once i'm engaged... getting there!)

    i love all those photos. so cute :)

  2. Such beautiful images.. the little girls are adorable, and I love the gold and white dress!

  3. oh my gosh- all of these pictures are to die for! I wish I could relive my wedding day and incorporate these ideas- ha ha! What a cute blog! xo

  4. Been browsing through your blog and love it :)

    1. Thank you Tereza! It makes me so happy to read that!!!!

  5. I kind of want to re-do my wedding every year:-) too many good ideas and new dresses pop up. maybe I should just become an event planner and live vicariously again and again through each bride! xoxo

  6. Those arrows are so cute! I wish I would have seen them before my wedding. You have such a cute blog!

  7. Thanks for all the sweet comments! Since I can't re-do my own wedding (not all of it, it was fabulous, just to add a veil here and a bow and arrow girl there) I live vicariously through others ;)

  8. Just so you know, I took the part about planning future weddings for friends who don't have grooms personally. And I appreciate the shout-out. Also, I'm sorry, but I will not be purchasing a cut out dress for you so that you can upstage me on my own day. Hope you enjoy your burlap sack and see you at the years or so? :)