Thursday, March 29, 2012

with the wet hair

{j crew painter tee similar here / forever 21 skirt similar here / accessories & shoes same as here}

In college, my now husband could usually define me in two ways; I was the girl who always wanted ice cream (nothing much has changed there) and I was the girl with the wet hair.

During those busy days, taking the time to shower felt like a luxury. I could forget about devoting an extra half hour to the hair dryer. It was my commonplace to rush home after hours of class, quickly wash away the daily grime, and head back to the library. My post shower hair regimen was to pile the wet hair atop my head, securing the mess with a rubber band, and be done with it.

Once settled into a secluded corner of the library, committed to hours of uninterrupted study time, I would begin to fidget. Nervously I would uncoil those damp locks and let them fall around my shoulders. My little area would instantly be filled with the scent of my shampoo. The smell of musty library books was no match for the overpowering aroma of fruit and flowers.

Since graduating, I have reinvested in my time with the hair dryer. But somedays, like the one in the pictures above, are just too beautiful to waste drying your hair. 

I guess I'm still the girl with the wet hair.


  1. It's sweet that he recalled you that way :) and also, you were probably a joy to work around giving off smells like that.. probably woke a few people up!

    1. Haha! Probably! Except I was always embarrassed. Like, where is that smell coming from? Oh, probably the girl with the wet hair... haha!

  2. Apparently, we could've been twins in college! My husband and I have been going on regular ice cream dates since we started dating in high school and walking around with wet hair was a regular thing for me during school (and sometimes now).
    You're not alone, lady! :) You're right, some days there's just too much to enjoy to waste time messing with hair.

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

    P.S. I really like your shoes! Very cute.

  3. First- great skirt.

    Second- I get the wet hair + college thing. i have such thick hair that I had to choose between a blow dry or studying...

  4. I knew you guys would understand ;) And thanks for the outfit love. I can't stop wearing those shoes now! Ugh! I'm gonna need another pair!