Wednesday, April 18, 2012

cereal killer

My husband has an addiction to cereal. His ability to polish off an entire box in one sitting is most certainly a sight to behold.

In those surreal cereal eating moments he becomes more animal than human before my very eyes. His own eyes, slanted in intense concentration are fixed on the cereal. His shoulders are slumped and his bearded chin hovers directly above the bowl. In this stance, the spoon has mere inches to travel from milk to mouth, making for optimal cereal eating speed.

I would attempt to save him from himself, removing bowl and spoon from his grasp, but I fear this would cause a protective thrust of the bowl closer to his body. I imagine he might even snarl at me like the cereal eating beast he has become.

I have heard it said that dogs have a similar problem. No innate off switch to let them know they are full and can stop eating from the bowl of food in front of them.

I have also heard that comparing your husband to a dog puts you up for wife of the year...

* Please note that these are not the typical cereals in our cabinet. The Easter Bunny must have heard about the engineer's cereal eating habits because in lieu of Easter candy, he received cereal, this bowl and this spoon in his basket.


  1. I love that spoon. If "ice cream killer" had the same ring to it, I'd buy one for myself :P

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.