Tuesday, April 24, 2012

just me and kevin mccallister

{ray-ban wayfarers / silk shirt similar here / white skinny jeans similar here / vintage belt similar here / quartz cuff bracelet similar here / heeled sandal similar here}

The engineer made me breakfast in bed. His presentation was impeccable. 

Through the fog of a sweet weekend sleep I heard his voice, "Wake uuuup..." I begrudgingly squinted through one open eye and attempted to focus on the blur hovering above my face. 

"It's breakfast," he said. And indeed it was. 

I struggled to sit up and take what I could now recognize as a large bowl into my hands. Upon further inspection I found that the oversized vessel was filled to the brim with S'morz cereal (yep. with a 'z'). As though this wasn't enough of a sugary display, the puffs and tiny marshmallows were soaking in chocolate milk.

I was skeptical to say the least. Almost certain that this much sugar seconds after awakening could induce seizures. Still, he had clearly slaved in the kitchen for hours to produce the bountiful feast... pouring cereal and milk and all. So I loaded my spoonful and took a bite.

That crunch was like a mouthful of childhood. Sure, your parents would have never let you eat it, but let's be honest, you thought about it.

It was a breakfast that would have made Kevin McCallister proud. In fact, I think he would have told me to crank up the Saturday morning cartoons and pass him a spoon.


  1. You are so classy.
    Trendy, but classy- how do you do it?
    And hahahaha about the cereal.
    I have eaten chocolate for breakfast.
    My theory? Eat what you want when you want it...

    1. hahaha! You know, my taste does get described as "classy" a lot, but I always feel like a little bit of a mess ;)

  2. Great look! I love the bracelet! I also have an engineer in my life...aren't they great!