Thursday, April 19, 2012

opposites attract

{dress via sumac trading co. in duncan, ok}

The engineer really liked my cereal killer post yesterday. In fact, he said it was perfect, except for one thing...

Apparently when he left for work that morning, he noticed something truly disturbing; a smudge on his new cereal killer spoon. Completely ignoring his orderly nature, the engineer walked out the door without removing said smudge.

Later that day when he saw the title of my post, he felt a sense of relief. Surely his blogging wife had removed the smudge before taking pictures. 

I had not.

I loved the milk smudge! How could he not see how perfectly imperfect it was? That little smudge, the essence of his mad cereal eating ways...

He didn't get it.

I guess opposites do attract.


  1. Love this dress and your lip color! You have an adorable blog :)

  2. cuuuuute outfit! love your blog.

  3. That's a gorgeous dress! I'm in search of a perfect maxi dress for summer!

  4. Thank you ladies! Your comments made my day :) That lipstick is MAC Hibiscus, but it was in the Surf collection which I believe is discontinued... so sad.