Thursday, April 12, 2012

playing tourist

I think you need to have grown up there to really understand it. To understand that small town Oklahoma feeling.

To understand the openness of a field full of cattle. To know the rules of driving country roads (the rules are, there are no rules).

If you grew up there, you are unfazed by the unpassable tractor going 15 mph directly in front of you or spotting the man on horseback through your passenger side window.

You are well versed on important matters like the Land Run, the Chisolm Trail and the difference between being a Cowboy and a Sooner.

When you were raised in a little Oklahoma town, you just get what those country songs are saying. And even if you're not a country music fan yourself, you smile a little because you know all about pick-up trucks, and boys with cold beers, and bonfires after high school football games, and speaking with that Oklahoma drawl.

We spent last weekend in Oklahoma City (that's the big city, in case you were wondering). While there we took a ride on the Bricktown Water Taxi

It was kind of nice, just playing tourist, in the state that we now so well.


  1. what gorgeous photos. you have a great photographic eye! and the way you describe it, it makes me want to go there myself!

  2. I love to travel and I'd love to make a road trip all around the us...=) been there for 1 year tho!!

  3. what a beautiful place. i hope il be able to visit this place one day.
    p.s. i love the little story on the side :) .. warmed my heart xx

  4. I've never been to Oklahoma but i have many friends over i will do so in the future..
    i'm following you...

  5. It looks lovely and I'm glad you're open minded to find beauty everywhere :)

  6. beautiful. i feel the same way about north dakota!

  7. Lovely post :) I grew up in a small town in Missouri, and I know the feeling of waiting on the road behind a combine or the fun to be had at a bonfire campout on someone's farm. Beauty is everywhere, if you look for it!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  8. Love your photos! They are beautiful!