Monday, April 23, 2012

random {boho} monday

We spent much of the weekend outside. Sometimes in the garden, other times driving with the top down. Our slightly more than sun kissed shoulders are proof of our outdoor antics.

Perhaps it's the sunburn talking, but I am feeling a bout of boho coming on. You know, beach waves in the hair, flowing skirts, layers of bracelets, gladiator sandals to my knees, farmers markets for the extras that don't come fresh from our garden, and fresh flowers behind my ear.

Here's my bohemian inspiration:

{image via we three pilgrims}
I hope I am this cool of a earth momma someday.

{image/diy via apartment therapy}
Now wanting to grow my own baby greens.

{image/diy via style by emily henderson}

{images via apartment therapy}
How gorgeous are these rock rugs??? I most certainly do not have the patience, time or talent to make one of these in my own backyard, but oh, if I did...

{beach body oil via bobbi brown}
Doesn't beach body oil just sound bohemian?

{image/diy via sincerely kinsey}
For when I'm not wearing flowers in my hair, this headband.

What do you think? Is spring fever making you crave a certain style?


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