Thursday, April 26, 2012

we bought these

Sometimes, blending two people's very different styles can be difficult. 

For instance, the engineer still doesn't quite understand the point of my bar cart. "So... you are going to actually use it, like as a bar cart?"

And don't get him started on my little couple on the mantel. At first he was oddly accepting of them, but now they are sited as his ultimate decor sacrifice.

Similarly, I will never understand sports paraphernalia as decor. When we were first married, I moved into the small apartment he had been occupying for a year. His idea of decorating involved a signed basketball proudly on display... in the kitchen.

So when he showed me these bamboo directors chairs, I dismissed them. But he could see them. He knew exactly where they should go and why they would work. And so I caved.

Because sometimes blending two styles can be difficult. 

But sometimes, it can keep things interesting.


  1. Oh, I love your profile story! So sweet. Glad I found your blog. These chairs are so great. Yeah, it's difficult to blend two different styles in a marriage. My hubs is so minimalist, while I'm a bit more boho, eclectic, and obsessed with color. But... since we have a toddler now (and one more on the way!) the house decor gets overrun by baby gear and toys. Enjoy while you can!

    New reader and follower here!

    T xx

    November Grey

    1. Ah Tanya! Your comment just made me so happy!

  2. Haha, you guys sounds a lot like my husband and me. : ) He is all about functionality, like a recliner with built in cup holders (which makes me go ew!) and I am all about pretty things, like a Victorian couch with hand carved legs and embroidered floral cushions. But it's true that working these little things out keeps life interesting. Love those bamboo chairs! So fun!

    1. Oh goodness! I have already told the man, no recliners allowed! We'll see what happens...