Monday, April 9, 2012

the weekend

Some weeks, you struggle to find the time. So you stay up late and get up early. You fight to lengthen those waking hours. It's just you against that weekday clock.

That was last week.

But then the weekend comes and suddenly, there is time. Time for mason jar margaritas, trips to the ball park, Easter Egg Hunts, and cruising with the top down.

Weekends are the perfect time to enjoy the little things.


  1. mmm. mason jar margaritas... now that sounds good!

  2. weekends are great - now, if only i could fit a hundred different things in a span of 48 hrs :) - love your blog. got me a great find!

  3. Love these photos, and I love the mason jar margaritas. Put anything in a mason jar and it makes it a little bit better!


  4. That doll is amazing! I need one for my little lady! I'm new here... thought I would say hi rather than be a lurker. :) I adore your blog so much already- off to check out some more! Have a fantastic week, sugar! xo