Wednesday, April 11, 2012

what a doll

Every three-year-old little doll deserves her own little doll. So, when I saw this Plush Doll Twin post over at A Beautiful Mess, I knew exactly what our niece would be getting for her birthday.

Doll Supplies
One 18" blank plush doll from Hobby Lobby
Fabric Paints. I used;
- Brown for the scalp
- Black for the eyes and nose
- Pink for the lips and undergarments
- Yellow for undergarment details
- Glitter Silver for the shoes
Yarn for hair
Needle and thread
Small pink ribbon

Outfit Supplies
One "real girl" outfit
Fabric for doll matching outfit. I used;
- Blue onsie for doll top (resized to fit doll)
- Velcro closure for top
- Pink and white striped fabric for skirt
- Small strip of elastic for skirt
Needle and thread
Fusible Bonding Web like Stitch Witchery

Large sheet cake box with window from Wal-Mart
Pink tissue paper

First, I painted my blank doll. Scalp first (so that you don't see white scalp through your yarn hair), then face (I used a very similar style as at A Beautiful Mess only with a little more lip detail), and finally the body and shoes.

After that thoroughly dries (I left it over night), sew on the yarn hair. The logistics of this will change depending on your gift recipient's favorite style. To do this, I cut long strings of yarn and folded them. I then grouped several strands together and stitched them directly into the center of the doll's scalp at the fold. For this style, I then stitched a line of folded yarn groups along the front of the scalp (where your paint ends) and pulled them back into the small pony-tail. I then stitched this group in place and added the pink ribbon with a few stitches as well. Trim the yarn so it is even and at your desired length.

The outfit details will obviously change based on the outfit you choose to match. This really will just take a little thought, but I promise you can handle it. Because I do not have a sewing machine and didn't have the time to hand stitch the entire ensemble, I used a fusible bonding web which is basically ironing your fabric together. I then hand stitched the little details such as the ribbon embellishment on the top and roses along the skirt.

In the end, you have a truly unique gift full of love. Not to mention, the cuteness is undeniable. 


  1. how beautiful and cute!!
    good idea!
    just found your blog and now following :)