Wednesday, April 25, 2012

who needs bread?

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Lately the engineer and I have been getting kind of crazy with our lunch meat. Instead of placing it between two pieces of bread, we've been wrapping it in lettuce. See? Craziness.

Our most recent combination is one or two large lettuce leaves, smoked peppered turkey, avocado, a little feta cheese and some spicy brown mustard.

This wrap is pure deliciousness. Of course, I use the term 'wrap' loosely. Really it's more of a folded taco situation. If you have lettuce wrapping expertise to share, please let me know.

But the 'wrapping' is really irrelevant. The important thing to get from this is... who really needs bread? The lettuce does the trick. It's just as good.

Just as good as warm, soft, bread...

I don't need bread.

I mean, except for the occasional toasted slice of sourdough...

Or a fresh loaf of french bread, hot from the oven, swimming in butter...


Or that amazing jalape├▒o cheese bread that I buy at the local Farmer's Market...

Seriously, who needs bread?


  1. Such a good idea and an inspiration for my lunch tomorrow :)

  2. so healthy! bread is my weakness... I don't know if I could ever give it up completely!

  3. I would say great for every now and again, but I couldn't go without completely!