Thursday, May 3, 2012

the run

the run The evening was too beautiful to be spent working out in our dark basement. So we went for a run, the engineer and I together.

My body must have known this was not the norm because my ankles locked in protest. The engineer took off with long even strides. I lagged behind awkwardly, wiggling my hands and feet as I ran to loosen my lazy joints.

But soon my gait began to match his. Our tennis shoes hit the concrete in unison, echoing thumps throughout the quiet neighborhood.

Sometimes we were side by side. When the sidewalk grew narrow, I let him take the lead. We hurdled rogue sprinkler systems and dodged gangs of tiny bicycle riders. We waved to men mowing their lawns and sped up a little past the lawns with barking dogs. Through winding suburbia streets. Up and down the unending rows of culs-de-sac.

As my breath quickened and my fatigue grew, the sun lowered in the sky ushering in the coolness of night. We ran until I didn't think I could run anymore.

That's when from over his shoulder I heard him shout, "Sprint to the end of the block?"

And so I did. It was the longest block of my life. But I knew once I hit that stop sign, it would be over.

And so I ran faster.

When my toes finally aligned with the curb, I collapsed at the waist. When I looked up, I saw my husband... still running.

"Hey!" I called out to him, " I thought we were done!"

"Done?" He said with confusion, "But we only ran for 15 minutes..."


  1. I linked to your blog after commenting somewhat below you on the ohhellofriend "get to know you" post and am so glad I did! You have such an enchanting way of telling a story with your words.

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are too sweet! Didn't you love those questions on ohhellofriend? Answering them just made me smile :)

    2. I didn't want to admit to when I'd waken up that morning!

  2. Hahaha! this reminded me of the time I joined the spinning class in my gym. Just when I thought I was going to collapse, I heard the instructor say "ok, that was a great warm up!".

    I got off the bike and crawled my way out of that room ASAP. (I crawled because my legs could not bare to stand!)

  3. Btw, I'm following your blog in hopes you follow mine and simply because I really think yours is awesome :)

    1. Thank you! I'll head your way right... now... ;)

  4. haha, this is definitely how I feel after about 5 minutes of running. hehe. Great story and I love the pic with the tennis shoes.


  5. This just brightened my morning :) Love this little anecdote.!