Thursday, May 17, 2012

we are young

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This morning I woke up early. Since the Good Morning America anchors had probably just settled into their makeup chairs, I was forced to seek out alternative TV morning companions.

Through the blur of morning eyes, I began my search. In one hand I clutched my morning cup of coffee and in the other I grasped the remote. And the flipping began. 

CNN? No.

ESPN? Puhleaaase (insert eye roll).

Infomercial? Wow, that can vacuum your wood floors and dust them at the same time? Nice... but no.

Then... I saw it. 

VH1 Jump Start.

As the end of an old Green Day music video blared from our bedroom television, I was transported back in time. To high school. And college. And to summers that were at once seemingly endless and fleeting. And to a time when morning talk shows were for adults.

I wondered when the transition had taken place. That transition from music videos to morning shows. When did I grow up?

And so, for old times sake, I put down the coffee, I tossed the remote, and had an impromptu morning dance party to this song.

Because, we are young.

We are young by fun. on Grooveshark


  1. This is a great look, I love this feminine peach skirt!

  2. i love this. impromptu dancing should be a must. OH i'm loving that belt. perfect width