Wednesday, May 30, 2012

we went on a date

wall1 wall2
{ray-ban wayfarers / black tee similar here / maxi skirt similar here / vintage belt similar here }

We went on a date. And it was one of those dates that was just so good.

We ate big slices of gourmet pizza on a patio.
We drove with the top down.
We strolled down sleepy streets.
We commented on the perfect weather. Not too hot, not too cold.
We talked abut everything.

It was so good that, until I later bothered to look at these photos, I didn't even notice that I was standing in a giant pile of bird poop.

It was just that good.


  1. Hahaha! This actually made me laugh out loud! I love days/dates that are just that good!

  2. This date sounds perfect, I had a similar one strolling at the fair with pizza and ice cream this weekend! I did NOT notice the bird poop until you pointed it out, so funny, but I seriously love your style (and the story of you two on the sidebar!!!)
    Hope you are having a wonderful day, now on to stalk that eggplant recipe from below!
    xo Hannah

  3. your outfit is really beautiful !!!
    seems like a perfect date.
    oh gosh but i think i cannot walk into those maxiskirts. i'm too small.
    i started a blog presentation campaign on my blog.

    maybe you want to participate? :)



  4. awww I love sweet little date nights like that, you go in with no expectations and come out happy , relaxed, and in love! here's to many more (with the exception of the bird poop)

  5. Loving the simplicity of this outfit and the pop of turquoise. You look gorgeous!

    xx Lynzy

  6. Your outfit is fabulous! And I am loving those glasses!!!

  7. I didn't notice the poop at all until I read. Glad it didn't ruin your date.
    Nice skirt btw. I've been wanting a long skirt or summer dress for awhile now but I'm way too short for them. I planned on hemming it, once I found one that suited me. But still no luck in finding one.

  8. I love those kind of dates :)