Sunday, June 17, 2012

my dad doesn't wear ties

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{this father's day I gave my dad this movie night kit}

My dad doesn't wear ties.

When I was in middle school, I thought this was a tragedy of monumental proportions. Why couldn't he just be like the other dads?

They wore khaki slacks and polos. He wore black leather jeans and t-shirts with flames on them.

They came to school functions in loafers. He preferred shiny black cowboy boots with pointy tips.

They were balding. He had long blond curls to his shoulders.

The only jewelry they ever wore was gold wedding bands. He was decked out in turquoise, a cobra ring with a pearl in the center of its mouth and, at one point, even an earring.

He drove a motorcycle, would never be found golfing at the local country club, and blared Led Zeppelin from the car speakers as he took me to school.

And, above all, he did not wear ties.

Now a days, I feel pretty lucky to be the daughter of the coolest dad I know. Ties or no ties.