Monday, June 25, 2012

random {black & white} monday

My life never seems very black and white. Nope, my life is always a bit more in the gray area.

So for Monday, I'm spreading a little black and white love. It's simple, it's clear, and dang if it doesn't look good.
{panama hat via j. crew}
Thank heavens this style hasn't come and gone. This summer I will get my panama hat on.

{image via louise fili ltd}
I would definitely stay at The Mermaid Inn.

{image via sincerely jules}
Black and white tennis shoes have never looked so good. This outfit needs to get on my body.

{seaecho clutch via summerland}
Clutch heaven.

{image via pinterest}
Seriously guys.

How are your weeks looking? Clearly black and white? Or maybe a little more blurred like mine?


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