Tuesday, June 5, 2012

that summer feeling

{sand dollar hair piece diy gift from my little sister}
Listening to the same song on repeat was part of our summer ritual. We'd sing it loud enough to be heard through the open sunroof as we drove down sunny roads. It seemed we were always driving during those summer months. Always in search of something.

The quest for a borrowed water source to quench the 100 degree days always topped the list. The glint of a cool blue pool of water from the local country club, the nearest lake, a friendly backyard, or an unlocked apartment complex signaled victory.

In truth, our liquid victory was only a side to sooth what we truly sought. A sunny spot to work on our summer goal; the perfect tan. On the days when water was not an option, any sun drenched space would do. The bikinis were small and the sunscreen was almost non-existent.

Between bouts of sun, we sought other things. Snow cones, air conditioning, natural highlights, easy ab exercises, shimmery bronzers, neon nail polishes and boys.  

But always with our summer song on repeat. From Black-Eyed Peas to Ashley Simpson to John Mayor, it was always a classic. 

And now, when that world seems so very far away, I can play one of those songs and once again seek and find that summer feeling. And, of course, I know all the words.

You're The Only One (Acoustic) by Maria Mena on Grooveshark


  1. This is such a lovely post and your hair looks amazing :)

    Tanesha x

  2. love this post... and your hair color!


  3. cute post, I love how music can make you live great moments again! I love your hair piece!