Tuesday, June 12, 2012

thundering up

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{blue bison head ring via therogueandthewolf on etsy / spotted on greedy girl}

You know those girls who love sports, but it's kind of unexpected? 

At first glance they appear to be your typical girly girl. They wear makeup, shop shoes, and cry in Nicholas Sparks movies. Things that make guys cringe. But then, you glance at their planner to find their favorite college football team schedule written religiously, in ink. They don team logos, drink beer, and yell at the TV loud enough to put any man to shame. Boys love those girls.

I am not one of those girls.

Luckily, my husband knew this before he married me. He knew that I only go to baseball games for the food, that I get my best couch naps during football games, and that team t-shirts really aren't my thing.

However, tonight, when the Oklahoma City Thunder kick-off the NBA Finals, I will be "Thundering Up" and it has a lot to do with my new Blue Bison Head Ring.

Because awesome accessories? That's definitely something I can root for... 

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  1. So true, I'm the same way! I go to games for the cotton candy, beer, nachos and hot dogs. i go shopping every Sunday during football season while my hub is too preoccupied to notice. But i do love to wear cute shirts to support Ku/Kstate(only bc purple is my favorite color) and WSU bc i went there haha i'll never be caught dead in a sports jersey though!! Tiffany