Tuesday, July 3, 2012

pizza vs. the white dress

white dress white2 white details white close
{white dress similar here / orange beaded necklace similar here / navy braided belt similar here / straw clutch similar here / printed heels via aldo}

I frantically searched the surface of my dress for the missing chunk of juicy tomato. I knew it hadn't made it to my mouth, but where was it now?

I would never have considered myself much of a dare devil, until I wore that white dress on our pizza date.

I know what you must be thinking, "Really Bianca? A white dress on a pizza date? THIS is your big act of risk-taking?"

I understand your skepticism. But before you judge, you must understand the nature of the pizza being consumed. This was no ordinary pizza.  One slice was easily the size of my head. Paper thin and heavily topped, to pick up a piece of this pizza was to cause a dangerous avalanche of red sauce barreling towards my lap.

As thin as the pizza was, the napkins were thinner. I layered them across my lap nonchalantly. It was all very, "Oh no, I always kill a small rainforest with my napkin usage, nothing new here..."

I couldn't fool my date, however. He spotted my caution from a mile away. Between mouthfuls of deliciousness, my husband would pause to take note of my predicament. 

"Kinda picked the wrong outfit for pizza, huh?," he mumbled, gesturing to my lapful of napkins.

Ya think?

But I showed them all by emerging victorious from the pizza parlor. My belly was full and my white dress spotless.

Take that pizza.

White Dress 1, Pizza 0


  1. You look stunning! And I love this pizza story. So funny!

  2. Stunning pics! I love the dress with the belt and its perfect with the necklace. Love your blog ;) New follower via bloglovin ;)


    1. Hi! Hi! Hi! thanks for the sweet comment! And yay for new follower :)

  3. haha this pizza story was too cute! & i am loving your outfit. you are gorgeous girl.

    newest follower!
    happy weekend

    1. Ah! Thank you! I assure I only post the very prettiest pictures ;) So happy to have you follow! New followers always make my day... heck, my week!