Wednesday, July 25, 2012

these gals, skinny jeans and 66°

the girlsgirls3
The thing I miss most from our time in California is spending time with my mom and sister. Especially when we simultaneously bust out the bright-colored skinny jeans.

Second on my list of things missed is weather that is cool enough to allow me to even THINK about wearing skinny jeans.

The high today in California is 66°.
The high today in Kansas.... 106°.

Luckily, I will see these girls over the weekend.

I fear it will be much longer before I see my skinny jeans again.


  1. Wow all those colors together look striking! Everyone looks good!

  2. You are a beautiful trio girls. Love the colored jeans.

  3. Where did you go in Cali? Anywhere near me in LA? :)

  4. So cute! I LOVE your jeans! I'm excited to be your new follower!