Monday, August 20, 2012

{not} random monday

It is not Monday. It is still the weekend. It must be...

So here's some random things. Not because it's Monday. Because it's not. It just can't be.

{bunting via oh, albatross on etsy}
This one's for the engineer. Because he is my always. And because it's just pretty awesome bunting...

{married to the sea print via tastesorangey on etsy}
Speaking of Etsy... I'm pretty sure I have already posted on this very piece. Here's the thing, I still don't have it and I think it's still necessary to my life.

{image via cakies}
Indoor hammock... yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

{image by love katie + sarah}
Loving this bride in gold glitter. Your wedding day kind of is the perfect day to shine.

{image via found thing}
Her name is Maura. She runs every morning. Sometimes she finds things. Her tumblr is brilliant. 

Those are my random things for today. Nothing to do with it being Monday. Because it's not.

I may be in denial.


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  1. These images are beautiful (particularly love the indoor hammock!). What a sweet blog you have here. :)