Monday, August 27, 2012

random {wedding} monday

Something wonderful happened over the weekend. We'll talk about it tomorrow. But for today, Random Monday, you just need to be warned about me and my Pinterest. My Pinning? Well, it's about to get a bit more wedding heavy.

Be prepared to see...

Boho brides with really cool headpieces.

TONS of floral crowns.

Hankies with writing.

Lots and lots of mason jars.

Bouquets that could have been scooped out of the nearby field.

Sweet, simple details... the flower girl brought this note down the aisle, from the bride, to the groom. I can hear your collective "aaaaahs."

Cool aisle decor ideas. Especially ones that combine roses and feathers.

Brides and grooms, looking so stylishly in love.

Check out my boards here and let the pinning begin.


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