Thursday, September 6, 2012

a request

turban3 turban1 turban2
{turban headband via posh}

I have been loving the turban look since back then.

And then again back then.

That's two years of turban love. Two fashion seasons of the turban being "in." And only now have I acquired one... and not even a full turban, but a headband turban.

And so, fashionable women of the world, I offer this simple request; let the turban be "in" again.

New York Fashion Week is upon us. The time has come for the most fashionable ensembles to be chosen, the most fabulous to be photographed, and for the most outrageous trends to be set. 

Oh Fashion Goddesses, when slipping into your stilettos and adorning yourself in your oxblood red, before hitting the New York City streets, think of me and remember your turban.

I'm counting on you.


  1. Ummmm...I sincerely hope that you can grasp how absolutely stunning you are in every single one of these pictures. Seriously. There are no words to describe how exquisite you look! You're just perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect. I can't stop goodness I have gorgeous friends.

    1. Haha! People like you should definitely be in America.

  2. Just lovely! =)
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