Monday, September 10, 2012

{little} random monday

Today... Oh today. Sigh.

You had your ups, you had your downs.

One broke down car and a husband who rushed home to fix it.

One strand of twinkle lights and a husband who made them sparkle.

I guess it really had more ups.

{image via that renegade}
Not having to wait for season 2 of Girls would definitely be an up. That and Downton Abbey. Waiting is such a downer.

New episodes of Pardon My French make me so happy. They also make me crave a NYC visit... so... bad.

{image via the glow}
Every time I see a new post on The Glow, I get happy. In fact, I get a fresh cup of coffee and settle in for the loveliness. 

And there's a few more ups.


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