Thursday, June 27, 2013

so long sweet google reader


When that evil white box first popped up on my screen I was a little upset. "Just a Reminder..." yeah right, just a soul crusher.

For years, if following an inordinate amount of blogs had been my drug, Google Reader had been my dealer, making them all so easily accessible.

And now with the July 1 deadline of Google Reader's true extinction looming over my head, I am forced to face reality and find a suitable alternative. Enter Feedly.**

The switch really was as easy as they said it would be, just a couple of clicks and it was as though Google Reader never existed. Almost.

So now comes the time where I say so long sweet Google Reader. I fell into you, now you're gracefully falling away... Dang it, now I miss Google Reader AND Dashboad Confessional. This transition seems to be bringing out the teen angst in me.

*The picture above showcases the cute new eraser that sits on my desk. Below is the conversation that ensued upon the engineer seeing it...

Him: So... does it actually erase stuff?

Me: Of course it does! Duh!

Me: But, I mean, Don't actually use it or anything....

** If things don't work out with Feedly, there's always Bloglovin...

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