Sunday, June 30, 2013

sundays are for loveliness

hat and bag

For the most part, my weekend was anything but lovely.

In fact most of my time was spent in the garage (least lovely place ever), sanding a piece of furniture (least lovely task ever), which I had the brilliant idea to rescue from the thrift store and refinish (least lovely thrift decision ever).

This evening while assessing my sandpaper worn hands and trying to determine whether washing the sink full of dishes was mandatory, I noticed just how lovely my bag and hat looked tossed on our table. Far too lovely to bother putting away.

And so I left them out. In the name of loveliness.

The dishes I left unwashed in the name of laziness.


  1. OOOO what were you trying to save?? I still haven't "saved" my old banker's office chair... maybe before fall?? ha! PS love you D&B bag. All the ones I find don't look that good :)

    1. Hi Daniella! I "saved" a giant dresser turned media console... I think that's the last time I'll be sanding and staining for a long long time.